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Event Information
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Please describe the type of crowd at your wedding (age range, musical taste...)

Wedding Party Introductions
Please list the names of your bridal party and the order you wish them introduced. Typically, the introductions go
as listed below. Please fill in names for each section below. If not applicable, please mark N/A. If you would like to change the order, use the order boxes.
Parents of the Bride: Order (PB):
Parents of the Groom: Order (PG):
Flower Girl(s) and/or Ringbearer(s): Order (FG/RB):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (1): Order (BM/GM):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (2):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (3):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (4):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (5):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (6):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (7):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (8):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (9):
Bridesmaid & Groomsman (10):
Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man: Order (MHBM):
Bride & Groom: Order (BG):
Other: Order (Other):

Ceremony Song Selections
Specific requests or genres for the 30 minutes of music before the ceremony, and songs for the various processionals and recessional.
Yes No
M/G Processional:  
Bridal Party:
Yes No
BP Processional:  
Yes No
Bridal Processional:  
Yes No
Recessional Song:  

Reception Song Selections
Bridal Party Intro:
Yes No
BP Intro Music:  
Bride/Groom Intro:
Yes No
BG Intro Music:  
Bride/Groom First Dance:
Yes No
BG First Dance Song:  
Guests join first dance?:
Yes No
Bride and Father Dance:
Yes No
Bride and Father Song:  
Groom and Mother Dance:
Yes No
Groom and Mother Song:  
Cake Cutting:
Yes No
Cake Cutting Song:  
Bouquet Toss:
Yes No
Bouquet Song:  
Garter Removal:
Yes No
Garter Removal Song:  
Garter Toss:
Yes No
Garter Toss Song:  
Garter Placement:
Yes No
Garter Placement Song:  
Bride/Groom Last Dance:
Yes No
BG Last Dance Song:  
Guests join last dance?:
Yes No
Upbeat Closer:
Yes No
Closer Music:  

Toast(s) & Blessing
Please enter name of the person giving the toast or blessing and the order in which they will appear.
Best Man: Order (BM):
Maid of Honor: Order (MH):
Other #1: Order (T1):
Other #2: Order (T2):
Other #3: Order (T3):
Blessing: Order (BL):

General Music Guidelines
We suggest making your play lists in our Create Your Own Play List section. Search our datatbase and select tunes for your special night. Place them into "Must Play," "Play If Possible," and "DO NOT PLAY" lists. You can even make notes attached to each song, enabling you to specify a song for cocktail hour, dinner or dancing. Feel free to provide some general guidelines here as well.
Cocktail Music:
Dinner Music:
Reception/Dancing Favorites:

Sequence of Events
Please number the events in the order in which they will occur. Please specify the approximate time the event may occur, and any additional notes in the first column. The times just serve as a rough guide. If an event is not applicable, please mark N/A.
Ceremony Prelude: Order (CPRE):
Ceremony: Order (CER):
Cocktails: Order (CT):
Introductions: Order (IN):
First Dance: Order (FD):
Toast(s): Order (TST):
The Blessing: Order (BLS):
Dinner: Order (DN):
Centerpiece Giveaway: Order (CG):
Cutting the Cake: Order (CC):
Bride/Father Dance: Order (BFD):
Groom/Mother Dance: Order (GMD):
Bouquet/Garter Toss: Order (BGT):
Last Dance: Order (LD):
Other (1): Order (1):
Other (2): Order (2):
Other (3): Order (3):

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